Testimonials are the most reliable information and encouragements that we can use to improve our service as a small family-run company. Help us fix our problems and improve more. Please feel free to send us any comments, testimonials, or claims.

Letters from our customers:

I wanted to write this brief note to express my appreciation to a recent purchase of mine. I can’t tell you how pleased I was (and continue to be) when I opened the package from your gallery and saw the beautiful bottle, which is now on display in my home. - Stephen L.

Thank you for sending the wonderful pots. I have been dealing with you for a number of years and I have never been disappointed. This is just another example of the outstanding artifacts and service you provide. - Robert H.B., Florida

Your zeal for the beauty of the ancient world comes shining through in your catalog and correspondence. Even your prices reflect the fact that you are not wholly in this business for the profit, but to facilitate to others the experience of ancient art. Thank you, then, for your establishment. In the modern world, individuals like you are rather few. - Bill K.

I am very pleased with my silver Alexander the Great ring. It is quite attractive and the right size. Thank you very much for arranging to have it made for me! - Don C. S., Pennsylvania

I must say that as a very small potatoes customer, you have always been fair with me. I know that you deal with hundreds if not thousands of customers very much better equipped financially than I. So I particularly want to thank you for your unfailing courtesy, not to mention efficiency, with me. - Ted G., Florida

Let me thank you again for the extremely fair and generous way that you dealt with the lost shipment. Although you had no obligation, you went the extra mile for the sake of customer satisfaction. - Ronald B.

I received the steatite scarab yesterday and am delighted with it! As usual, your choice was perfect…You have provided me with a new faith that there are still people in business today who genuinely care about their customers. - B.Williamson, Illinois

I wanted to thank you for the lovely mummy bead necklace. It is simply beautiful. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, it is something not often encountered today. - C.L.

Let me compliment you on the accuracy of your catalogue, the friendly professionalism of the people with whom I’ve spoken, and the marvelous treasures you’ve made available. All the items I purchased made my friends and family feel honored and pleased to receive them as holiday gifts. - James F.

Just a word of thanks again for your outstanding service. I really appreciate the selection, and am enjoying examining the pieces. I’m very pleased and satisfied with everything, and I look forward to placing future orders. - Steve H.

I am very pleased with the new Roman glass bottle you sent me today! Thank you for a most generous exchange! - Ken M. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the outstanding service and artifacts I receive from you. Everything I have acquired from you over the years has more than exceeded my expectations. Yours is a business to commend, and it’s my great pleasure to associate with your gallery. - William D.

The artifacts I recently ordered have arrived in perfect condition. They artifacts themselves are every bit as nice as I expected or better, very beautiful pieces indeed. - Gene E. M., Texas

Thank you for another year of incredible selection and service. I never feel like a customer when I call; I feel like a member of the family. - Linda G.

Just a short note to tell you how nice I think you all are. My purchase was so small yet you took the time to try to please me. That takes special people in this world now. And I am pleased greatly. - Lois S. G.

I want to thank you, and your staff, for making it possible for the small collector to add such artifacts to their collection. - Ronald A.S.

I just wanted to thank you for replacing the broken Ushabti I previously received, I’m very happy with the new ones, and appreciate your generosity in sending me such nice replacements. - Troy S., Florida

The lamp arrived the day before yesterday and I have examined it in some detail. I am very pleased with this piece and find it to be everything you promised and more. - Thomas P. C., California

I also just want to thank you for sending me such beautiful ancient art for such a low price. If I can send you more clients I will. Thank You :) - Laurent M.

There are some among us who have a special feeling about history; the thrill of touching, owning, something truly ancient and wonder about the times of their birth, use, and who it belonged to and why. Perhaps, ultimately, it’s a secret frustration of not being a museum curator. Someone with special access to notable collections and able to develop personal relationships with certain pieces in a special, private way.

These days, it is not easy to do that but there are those among us who can facilitate that special bond; antiquity dealers. People who share that sense of history and have the knowledge that allows them to be value to prospective buyers. They can guarantee the quality and authenticity of the artifacts that allows that bond, the sense of satisfaction mentioned above, or something for an investment.

Mr. Sadigh is such a Man and his New York gallery is a very special place. You can browse to your heart’s content, handle items that speak to you, acquire them, and get questions answered about anything you want to know more about. Come by, you will be glad you did. - Chris N.