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Lot of 3: Carved limestone canopic jar with the head of Duamutef, the jackal headed son of Horus and protector of the stomach. Five rows of incised hieroglyphs on the front and a border around the top. Carved linear and geometric designs on the stopper. 26th Dynasty, 663-525 BC (12 ½" x 6"); Carved green limestone plaque with four Eyes of Horus. Loop at the top. Third Intermediate Period. 1070-712 BC (4 ¾" x 3 ½"); Carved green limestone Pesesh-Kef Wand with the head of Isis, wearing a sun disc with a bird on the top and incised Egyptian symbols including a beetle and an ankh. 26th Dynasty. 663-525 BC (9" x 1 ¼")

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