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(9): 2 Macedonian silver Alexander the Great tetradrachm coins. 336-323 BC (1"); 1 Parthian silver tetradrachm coin. 247 BC-228 AD (1"); 1 Parthian silver Mithradates II drachm coin. 123-88 BC (½"); 1 Greek silver Lysimachus tetradrachm coin with a portrait of Alexander the Great. On the reverse, a seated Athena. 297-281 BC (1"); 1 Roman silver denarius coin. 150 AD (¾"); 2 Silver Ptolemy tetradrachm coins. Greco-Egyptian.150-50 BC (1"-¾"); 1 Persian silver tetradrachm coin with a portrait of a King on the obverse, a low relief standing winged figure on the reverse and inscriptions. 200 AD (1"); Comes in a shadow box.

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