Bassa Tribe

Building a collection of cultural artifacts and antiquities can be difficult. Finding relics of a high enough quality to warrant displaying is difficult enough, but the costs involved can often be prohibitive. That's why Sadigh Gallery is the ideal resource for any collector. We carry a phenomenal selection of antiques from ancient civilizations around the world, at costs that make it easier than ever to expand your collection in style. From coins and sculptures to tools and equipment, you'll always find the perfect piece to complement your collection, and every item we sell comes with a lifetime certificate of authenticity.

The Bassa Tribe ranges between Cameroon to Liberia and boast a rich cultural heritage that stretches back centuries. One of the lynchpins of the anti-colonial movement, the Bassa Tribe has become synonymous with independence and strength among the African nations. Now, through Sadigh Gallery, you can procure some amazing Bassa statues, like the early 1900's female totem shown below. At over 10 inches, it is large enough to be the centerpiece of a collection and a phenomenal conversation piece.

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