Combinations - Various Cultures

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Lot of 3: Egyptian carved light green limestone standing, nude Harpokrates, the God of silence with an Ankh, the Egyptian symbol of life on the chest, his left foot forward, left arm at his side and right hand on the chest, wearing a headpiece. Standing on a base with a pillar of hieroglyphics on the back. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (7 1/2" x 2" ); Greek terracotta vessel with side handles, on a pedestal base. Depicts a bearded winged running male on one side and a horse with a male rider on the other side. Black figures with red and white highlights on an orange background. Earthen patina. 400 BC ( 5 ¼" x 4"); Egyptian carved brownish green limestone scarab with Egyptian symbols on the bottom including a beetle. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (1 ½" x 1")

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