Diversifying Your Cultural Collection

Posted by Sadigh Gallery on 6/7/2015
Collecting cultural artifacts is satisfying on so many levels. Not only is it a solid investment strategy, since they aren't making any more ancient artifacts, but it also helps us keep in touch with our heritage, or cultures outside our own that we have a healthy amount of respect for. Additionally, it's just a classy way of approaching a compartmentalized form of home or office decor.

Celtic Artifacts

Posted by Sadigh Gallery on 6/4/2015 to Ancient Artifacts and Culture
The Celts were made up of Irish, Gauls, Anglo Saxons and Romans who lived alongside each other, traded, mingled and intermarried. In the process of many years, they melded together --their mythology and other beliefs and came to speak a common language, Celtic. The ancient peoples now called "Celts" spoke a group of languages that had a common origin in the Indo-European language known as Common Celtic or Proto-Celtic. They created many icons, symbols, architecture and artifacts which are valuable, treasured today and also available at Sadigh Gallery. Our Celtic collection features coins, Celtic ring money, crosses, bracelets, chains, bronze garment pins, and swords. Framed antiquities also available. Here is a historical overview of some famous and valued Celtic artifacts.
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