Latest Additions

Posted by Administrator on 5/27/2014 to Sadigh Gallery News
Our Latest Acquisitions includes various ancient Egyptian sculptures and funerary items, Greco-Iranian jewelry, Roman Jewelry, coin jewelry, Asian amber vessels and statues, insect in amber pendants, Prehistoric items - such as Homo Habilis and Home Erectus hand axes, digging tools and so much more.

Last Year's Priciest Paintings

Posted by Technical Support User on 5/20/2014 to Ancient Artifacts and Culture
Everyone appreciates good art, and those who truly appreciate it, and can afford it, will go to great lengths to not just appreciate art from a distance but from their very own living room or office.

Collecting Ancient Roman Coins

Posted by Priyanka on 5/8/2014 to Ancient Artifacts and Culture
Ancient Roman coins have always been a popular hobby focus for many collectors over the years. Due to the vast area and time that was covered by the Roman Empire, there is a diverse variety of Roman coins available.
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