Who Were the Pre-Columbian Chimú ?

Posted by Sadigh Gallery on 1/28/2015 to Ancient Artifacts and Culture
The Chimú succeeded the Moche around 900 AD and reached their apogee in the 15th century when they were finally subdued by the Inca who tried to wipe out traces of their existence. There remains, however, considerable artifacts that point to their domination of the north Peruvian coast: The adobe capital city of Chan Chan in the Moche Valley is a UNESCO-listed site, and their terracotta pottery have earned curious, if not shocked, looks because of their three-dimensional and, even by today’s standards, unrestrained interpretation of sexuality.

Ethiopian Crosses

Posted by Sadigh Gallery on 1/15/2015 to Ancient Artifacts and Culture
Founded by Jesus Christ approximately two thousand years ago, Christianity is one of the most influential religions in world history. Although this faith began as a small sect of Judaism during the first century in ancient Israel, the Christian religion has nearly two billion followers at the beginning of the twenty first century.

Cameos and Intaglios - Carving the Beauty

Posted by Sadigh Gallery on 1/2/2015 to Ancient Artifacts and Culture
It’s not that uncommon for people today to know what a cameo is. And we’re not talking about cameo appearances in movies. These beautiful images, mostly portraits, carved in relief in a stone or gem have graced many a neck over the years. But just how old is the art and craft of making cameos? And what about intaglios, the somewhat similar jewelry made by engraving stones and gems?
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