Our Top Picks of Artifacts for Holiday Gifts Part II

Posted by Administrator on 12/11/2012 to Sadigh Gallery News

In our previous article, we mentioned about how the ancient artifacts can become memorable gifts this holiday season. Here’s the second part of the video “Unique Holiday Gift Ideas” from Sadigh Gallery. You can use the artifact's identification number ("Item Number") in the slideshow to see a clearer photo on our website by entering it into our "search box". If you have any other questions regarding the artifacts featured in the video/slideshow, please feel free to contact us!

Click here to view our slideshow!

Are you wondering what to get for Christmas?... Well, how about some Artifacts!

Posted by Administrator on 12/3/2012 to Sadigh Gallery News

Christmas is approaching quite speedily, and New York City streets are bustling with holiday shoppers everywhere. Store windows are illuminated with colorful lights, and their Holiday displays feature increasingly complex yet entertaining “shows” of automated dancing dolls of children and Santa Claus. As the whole City is filled with festive atmosphere, maybe now is the best time to pay a visit to the Big Apple.

We also have a public showroom in New York City, at the same location for past 30 years. If you are not satisfied with our photographs, you are welcomed to visit our gallery and observe these artifacts closely in person. Our staff will stand by your side and guide you in picking the best quality artifacts that we have!

In the meantime, we created a special short video featuring some artifacts we picked which would make unique and memorable holiday gifts (Sorry, the video contains no music—but it’s work-safe!)

Click here to view a slide show featuring our favorite picks for the Holiday Gifts!
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