The Menorah: An Ancient Symbol of an Ancient Faith

Posted by Sadigh Gallery on 10/17/2014 to Ancient Artifacts and Culture
Other than the Star of David, the Menorah is probably the most popular and ubiquitous symbol of the Jewish nation. While Israel’s flag features the Star of David, it is the menorah that is chosen to be reflected in the nation’s coat of arms, symbolizing Israel’s role as “a light unto nations”.

The Magical Appeal of Egyptian Amulets

Posted by Sadigh Gallery on 10/9/2014 to Ancient Artifacts and Culture
Many people still believe in lucky charms and magical stones even up to now. Amulets are no exception. This is probably why there are still numerous individuals who like to purchase and wear jewelry and other trinkets with these charms, carry around such keepsakes for good luck and other purposes, and even display ornaments in their homes that incorporate the said magical pieces.
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