The Sadigh Gallery

Posted by Abayomi on 1/25/2014 to Sadigh Gallery News
When it comes to fine jewelry, what is better than an authentic piece from long, long ago. Sadigh Gallery combs estates and collections from around the globe to provide you with truly one-of-a-kind jewelry that can’t be rivaled. All pieces have a lifetime certificate of authenticity and proper documentation regarding the objet d'art and the culture from which it arose.

Imagine where these pieces have been and what they have lived through! How many women have worn them to celebrate coming of age, at their weddings and to celebrate anniversaries or the birth of a child. Perhaps when you receive a piece, you will be compelled to study its country of origin and how women lived in that time. There are most assuredly few pieces like these in the world.
  • Bracelets. Cuff bracelets are all the rage today, but this isn’t the first time. Beautifully decorated metal cuffs with stunning blue lapis Lazuli will blend into today’s fashion seamlessly.
  • Coin jewelry. Roman and Greek coins were made into decorative jewelry for women. Join their ranks as this art form continues to this day.
  • Necklaces. Stunning necklaces from cultures in the Near East, Egypt, Phonecia, the Holy Land give us stunning examples of ancient craftsmanship.
  • Rings. Some of these stunning rings may have been worn by a Roman domina (the woman who was the head of the home) and some by ladies of the harem. Peruse these many examples of fine craftsmanship to see which woman’s tale you can imagine for the ring you select.
  • Earrings. Earrings of every style await your choice. Metal, pendant style, heart shapes made with stones — so many styles you will want to choose several to complement your personal style statement.
  • Jewelry Combinations. These collections of necklaces with matching earrings, bracelet with rings and other combinations are collected from collections all over the world. Many of these combinations would look stunning with a classic evening dress.
  • Pendants. These stunning pendants represent the best of the cultures they represent. There are many beautiful pendants that express the Jewish culture. These pendants are yours to marry with the perfect chain.
  • Insects in Amber. Science meets fashion with these unique jewelry components. Primeval insects, many of whom became extinct in the distant past, were trapped in amber, which is fossilized tree sap.
The Sadigh Gallery will soon become an essential part of your jewelry box and your choice for gift-giving for your closest friends. Visit the Sadigh Gallery website today to begin your journey to women’s past.