Storing Your Coin Collection

Posted by Sadigh Gallery on 5/24/2015 to Ancient Artifacts and Culture
Collecting ancient coins is a fun and rewarding hobby. You are literally collecting little pieces of history, each one with a story to tell. Coins are great collector’s items because they’re small and don’t take up much room, unlike larger artifacts. You can have an entire binder full of millennia of history! Here are a few options for storing your coin collection.

This is a tried and true method for coin collecting. There are many types of binders available for coin collectors, including binders designed to preserve the coins from damage. This is a solid option for coins that don’t need to be on display all the time.

There are countless types of stackable trays that you can use for coin collecting, many of which are designed specifically with coins in mind. Often they have clear covers so you can see the coins inside, and they may also have dividers to help you organize your coinage.

Coin collectors sometimes take the tray idea even further and turn them into drawers. You pull out a tray (drawer) and voila! Your coins are easily accessible. You could also combine the tray idea with drawers by storing your trays in a dresser. Each drawer can represent a different era or culture.

Shadow Box
If you have a small number of coins to display, or if you’re trying to group your collections by era or type, a shadow box may be perfect for you. You can customize your shadow box to your décor and coin collection. For example, you can use a frame that matches your room décor, and you can line the shadow box with printed images of the cultures that the coins come from. Roman coins could be presented against a background featuring the Acropolis, for example. Or you can choose a contrasting, textured material to make the coins really “pop” against the background.

Glass Case
These are ideal for coins that you are especially proud of or that cost a lot of money. The glass protects them from dust and damage, and glass cases can often be locked for extra security. Glass cases do the best job at letting you see the coin in all its glory.

Mounted Coins
You can mount coins onto a piece of board or cloth that’s placed inside a picture frame. There’s no glass in front of it, so you can see the coin with no barrier, but this should not be used on delicate or expensive coins. This is a good option for coins of lesser importance that you still want to display nicely.