Seleucid Kingdom

Every historian seeks to own a beautiful relic or a unique artifact that embodies a fragment of the olden times and provides a glimpse into the rich culture of the past. In the same way, coin collectors continue to vie for antique coinage that represents strong empires, opulent and powerful cultures, and significant events and people in history.

Sadigh Gallery brings you this special Seleucid Kingdom selection of coins, reminiscent of the great battles and conquests of Alexander the Great as well as the ancient empire of the Seleucids that served as the center of Hellenistic culture during that era.

You can add these coins to your ancient art collection or opt for a coin pendant to wear around your neck. It would also be good to give such jewelry as a distinctive gift to a dear friend or loved one. This one-of-a-kind pendant will not only accentuate your vintage fashion, but will somehow empower you with the courage, dignity, ingenuity, and supremacy of the notable dynasty under the Seleucids.

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COINS - Greek/Seleucid Kingdom
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