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58" x 17 1/2" x 9"


1570-1085 BC
Terracotta sarcophagus painted with the four sons of Horus (Imsety, head of a man; Hapy, head of a baboon; Qebehsenuef, head of a falcon; Duamutef, head of a jackal). One vertical row of hieroglyphics. Light earthen patina. Excellent condition. 18th Dynasty. One of the most important objects purchased for a tomb was the coffin. It's purpose was the protection of the body, preserving it from deterioration or mutilation. A sarcophagus was also used to hold the coffin in the tomb. In Egyptian language, the sarcophagus might be called neb ankh (possessor of life). Royal burials were equipped with various equipments and objects, while private funerals painted on their coffins and the interior walls of their tombs. Coffins remain relatively plain, often having a pair of eyes so the deceased could see, and had lines of hieroglyphics. 18th Dynasty.

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