Ethiopian Crosses

Posted by Sadigh Gallery on 1/15/2015 to Ancient Artifacts and Culture

Founded by Jesus Christ approximately two thousand years ago, Christianity is one of the most influential religions in world history. Although this faith began as a small sect of Judaism during the first century in ancient Israel, the Christian religion has nearly two billion followers at the beginning of the twenty first century.

The Ethiopian Orthodox church is one of the oldest in Christendom. It is believed by Ethiopians to date to at least the first century, making it an important part of Christianity.

The cross is probably the most important sacrament in the Christian religion. It is the symbol of faith and salvation and retains its purest form in Ethiopia, where it can be found in three principal forms: the processional cross, hand cross and the pendant cross.

Ethiopian processional crosses are elaborate pieces, attached to the tops of staffs on feast days and carried at the heads of parades through towns and villages, then back to the churches that usually house them. Hand crosses are carried during many religious ceremonies. They usually include the latticework form as well as a square at the base, traditionally believed to represent the Ark of the Covenant. Pendant crosses are the most common form found in Ethiopia. Pendant crosses are received at baptism and worn around the neck and are often the most prized possession, talisman and symbol of faith of the wearer.

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