STATUE - Egyptian

STATUE - Egyptian

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16 1/2" x 5 1/4"


663-525 BC
Large, carved brown limestone Ptah with an incised cartouche on each arm, holding a staff and wearing a collar and chin beard, incised hieroglyphs on the lower front of the garment. Creator-God of Memphis who was usually portrayed as a mummy with his hands protruding from the wrappings and holding a staff that combines the dyed pillar, ankh sign and 'Was’ scepter. His head was shaven and covered by a tight-fitting skull-cap leaving his ears exposed. From the Middle Kingdom. onwards, he was represented with a straight beard. The basic iconography of his images remained virtually unchanged throughout the Pharaonic period. In Hellenistic times, he was identified with the Greek God, Hephaestus. Traces of red and black. Dirt patina. 26th Dynasty.

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