Diversifying Your Cultural Collection

Posted by Sadigh Gallery on 6/7/2015
Collecting cultural artifacts is satisfying on so many levels. Not only is it a solid investment strategy, since they aren't making any more ancient artifacts, but it also helps us keep in touch with our heritage, or cultures outside our own that we have a healthy amount of respect for. Additionally, it's just a classy way of approaching a compartmentalized form of home or office decor.

To keep the thrill of collecting antiques at the highest level possible, it helps to occasionally change things up a bit, either by diversifying your collection, or changing the way in which you display your collectibles. Here are a few ideas to help you keep things fresh:

Broaden Your Cultural Horizons

Many ancient civilizations had distinct ties to other civilizations, especially those that shared a geographic proximity. This is especially true when it comes to the Pre-Columbian civilizations of Central and South America. As populations migrated, or trade routes opened up, certain aspects of these cultures would cross over, or blend, with other cultures. By expanding your collection to include another related civilization, you open up an entirely new area of collectibles to acquire and display.

Expand Your Collectible Niche

For many collectors, we can often find ourselves not only specializing in a certain culture, like Greek, Roman or Asian, but in the type of antiquities we actually collect. Some only collect coins, others only collect documents, others may tunnel-vision their collection on figurines and statuary. While a clear focus is nice, it can not only limit your avenues for collecting, but it can make your displays very one-dimensional. By diversifying the materials in your collection, you not only increase the number of items within the scope of your collection, but you also open up a whole new world in creative ways to display the different collectible types.

Rotate Your Display Pieces

If you've been collecting for a long period of time, or have just been particularly aggressive in your acquisitions, the chances are good that you may have more collectibles than you have room to display them. If this applies to you, then first, congratulations on having such an impressive collection. Second, you might want to consider rotating some of your collectibles from storage to display and vice-versa. Sure, you likely have special artifacts, your prized pieces, that you want to keep on display at all times, but by rotating some of the other relics, you not only get more opportunities to enjoy the depth of your collection, but you get a better feel for which types of items you should look to acquire next.