BRICK - Near Eastern/Susa

BRICK - Near Eastern/Susa

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14" x 14" x 4"


1275-1240 BC
Clay brick from an ancient building, from the royal city of Susa, with six lines of cuneiform inscription. This is a well known inscription of Untash-Napirisha of Susa, a region in SW Iran. 

The translation is as follows: 
  • Line 1: I am the Son of Hubanummenna, the King of Anzan and Susa. 
  • Line 2: In order that I have my health and well being.
  • Line 3: That I have no "heart freezing" bitter disaster, (death).
  • Line 4: For that reason I built the sanctuary with a Kukkum (brick walls) of Ubqumia. 
  • Line 5: And gave it to Inshushinak, the god of Sijankuk. 
  • Line 6: What has been built and improved by me, may it be preserved for me forever by Inshushinak.

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