STATUES - Egyptian

STATUES - Egyptian

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15" x 9"


305-30 BC
Carved marble Sekhmet, the bloodthirsty and violent Goddess of war and divine vengeance. The pyramid texts twice mention that the King was conceived by Sekhmet. Because of the rise to power of the Theban rulers of The New Kingdom (1550-1069 BC), the Theban Triad (Amun, Mut and Kohns) became correspondingly more important and began to "absorb" the attributes of other deities. This meant that Sekhmet was increasingly represented as an aggressive manifestation of the Goddess, Mut, and large numbers of statues of the lioness-Goddess where, therefore, erected by Amenhotep III (1390-1352BC), both in the temple of Mut at Karnak and in his mortuary temple in western Thebes. Mounted on a base. Ptolemaic.

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