COINS - Various Cultures

COINS - Various Cultures

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336 BC-200 AD
Lot of 9 Coins: Greek: 2 Macedonian Silver Alexander the Great tetradrachm coins struck at the Amphipolis mint sometime between 336-323 BC (1"); Parthian: 1 Silver tetradrachm coin with a male portrait on the front. Reverse of coin depicts a seated figure with a standing figure and inscriptions. 247 BC-228 AD (1"); 1 Silver Mithradates II drachm coin. A portrait of a male with a long beard on the obverse, an enthroned archer surrounded by Greek inscriptions on the reverse. 123 - 88 BC (1/2"); 1 Silver Lysimachus tetradrachm coin with a portrait of the deified Alexander the Great with the royal diadem and ram's horns that identify him as the son of Zeus Ammon. On the reverse, a seated Athena with spear and shield, her right hand extended on which stands the figure of Nike. Nike crowns the first letter of Lysimachus name. The lion's head on Athena's shield may also refer to Lysimachus. 297-281 BC (1"); Roman: 1 Silver denarius coin with a portrait on the front and a standing ruler on the reverse. 150 AD (3/4"); Egyptian Kingdom: 2 Silver Ptolemy tetradrachm coins with a portrait on the front, an eagle with various inscriptions on the reverse. Greco-Egyptian.150-50 BC (1"-3/4"); Persian: 1 Silver tetradrachm coin with a portrait of a King on the obverse, a low relief standing winged figure on the reverse and inscriptions. 200 AD (1"); Comes in a shadow box.

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