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70” x 18” x 10”


305-30 BC
Life size wooden sarcophagus covered with cartonnage and painted, with the mummy mask covered in gold gilding. Geometric designs, hieroglyphs, Egyptian symbols, beautifully rendered illustrations of birds and figures all over the surface. Symbols include an elaborate winged scarab, with the head of Horus falcon, Eye of Horus, Ankhs, djed pillar, ostrich feathers and more. Gods includes a standing Osiris and Horus both holding a staff, on each side; winged Ma'at, the Goddess of truth, balance and justice; and the four sons of Horus: Imsety, head of a man; Hapy, head of a baboon; Qebehsenuef, head of a falcon; and Duamutef, head of a jackal. An Egyptian ruler on the back holding an altar. Colors include red, green, dark yellow, black and gold gilding on the face. Light earthen patina. Excellent condition. Ptolemaic.

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