Various Cultures - Combinations

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Lot of 3: Greek, 3 Macedonian Silver Alexander the Great drachm coins. Two struck at the Amphipolis mint sometime between 315 BC and 294 BC, the other sometime between 336 BC and 323 BC. The reverse shows Zeus enthroned with an eagle perched on his outstretched right hand and a scepter in his left. If his legs are crossed it would indicate that the coin was struck posthumously (struck after the death of Alexander). If legs are placed together it would indicate that the coin was struck during the lifetime of Alexander. In the right field an inscription meaning (Money of) Alexander, the left field contains the marks or symbols of the mint's Magistrates. (½"); Roman bronze Romulus and Remus pendant, the legendary twins and founders of Rome, being nursed by a she-wolf. Green patina. Wearable. 100-300 AD (2" x 1 ¾"); Egyptian bronze ankh pendant. Green patina. 600 BC (1 ½")

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