Combinations - Various Cultures

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Lot of 3: Egyptian carved limestone standing Egyptian ruler wearing a headdress with a cobra head, a kilt with an animal head at the waist and a cartouche on one arm. Side pillar with incised hieroglyphs and a ram on the top. Incised details on the headdress and kilt, a cartouche on the top of the base, hieroglyphs on the sides of the base and on the pillar in the back. Traces of black, red, green and gold gilding. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (14" x 6" x 3 ½"); Asian carved light green jade disc with nine lizards on the surface, incised circular designs on the bottom. Discs were placed above the head, below the feet and on the chest of the deceased. Traces of beige, brown and earthen patina. 200 AD (11"); Egyptian carved light green limestone prayer staff with incised designs and an Ankh, the Egyptian symbol of life on the front. A hand symbol on the top with a cartouche and a beetle. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (6 ½" x 2")

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