Combinations - Various Cultures

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Lot of 3: Asian carved light green jade Buddha seated in Dhyanasana on a lotus base, one hand is holding a ball in the lap, the other raised, his oval face with a peaceful expression, small bow shaped mouth, heavy lidded almond shaped eyes, and finely arched eyebrows, hair arranged in rows of small curls. Traces of brown. Very attractive and beautiful 1300 AD (7" x 3 ½"); Egyptian carved light green limestone Bes pendant, depicted as a bearded, savage-looking, yet comical figure, the Egyptian dwarf God believed to guard against evil spirits and misfortune, with an Eye of Horus on the back. Third Intermediate Period. 1070-712 BC (1 3/4" x 2 3/4" ); Syrian carved brown stone oil lamp with an incised floral design on the surface, the bearded face serves as the ansa. 200 AD (4" x 2" )

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