Combinations - Various Cultures

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Lot of 3: Egyptian. Carved brown soapstone heart scarab with open fretwork. Has an Eye of Horus, an Anubis, and a seated Baboon (Thoth the God of wisdom) on the top. Anubis on the bottom. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (3 ¾" x 2 ½"); Egyptian. Green limestone plaque with five lines of hieroglyphs and symbols including two Eyes of Horus and double cartouches. Loop for hanging. From the Book of the Dead. Third Intermediate Period. 1070-712 BC (3" x 4 ½"); Near Eastern heart shaped clad silver pill box with a pear shaped lapis lazuli stone on the lid, an intricate raised design and a gold wash on the surface. 1900's AD (3")

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