Combinations - Various Cultures

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Lot of 2: Greek bell shaped terracotta vessel with two handles, black figures with and red highlights on an orange background: two walking figures, male and female on one side, on the other side a winged horse. Light earthen patina. 400 BC ( 4 ¼" x 4 ½"); Byzantine gold coin of Emperor Michael VII whose reign was mercifully brief. Born about 1050, the empire was run between his mother, Eudocia, until 1071. Michael's all to obvious weakness inspired numerous rebellions. Taxes were raised, the coinage debased and though numerous rebellions were put down, Michael's fall became inevitable. It was Nicephorus Botaneiates who led the rebellion that finally forced Michael to abdicate. On 31st March, 1078 Michael entered a monastery and Botaneiates took over as Nicephorus III. On the obverse, Christ. Excellent condition. 1071-1078 AD (1")

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