Combinations - Various Cultures

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Lot of 3: Syro-Hittite freestanding flattened terracotta votive female statue with carved details, birdlike features, beak-like nose, carved holes for the eyes, hands over the breasts, wearing a crown and a necklace. Light earthen patina. 3000 BC ( 2 1/4" x 6 1/2"); Egyptian carved brown limestone falcon-headed God Horus, the Egyptian sky God, with crown, holding one arm across the chest. Hieroglyphs on the base and back, Dirt patina. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (2 1/2" x 8 3/4"); Byzantine golden amber mold-blown rectangular/square shaped glass pilgrim jar with a cylindrical neck, flared mouth, rolled rim, four side panels with a cross, some iridescence and encrustation. 600-900 AD (1 ¼" x 3")

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